Italian Restaurant & Bar in Caledon

As early as 1996, Da Paolo's has truly set the standard of high quality, fine Italian cuisine. Now, Gusto's has raised the bar in the fine Italian cuisine industry.

Inspired by homemade recipes

They have held the highest standards for authentic Italian flavors and dishes. Working alongside co-founders of Da Paolo's has taught and inspired Chef Arul to only offer not only the best-tasting Italian cuisine but the highest quality ingredients as well. While only renaming the restaurant, he has integrated the same level of standards, At Gusto's we ensure you have indulged the full Italian experience by tasting our homemade recipes and delectable Italian dishes.


Monday 3pm-10pm
Tuesday 3pm -10pm
Wednesday 12pm-10pm
Thursday 12pm-10pm
Friday 12pm-10pm
Saturday 12pm-10pm
Sunday 3pm-10pm


Unfortunately we don't do delivery now.